Seawolves Sponsorship Opportunities

The Stony Brook Seawolves Ice Hockey Team is one of the most effective ways to expose your business or organization to one of the most loyal and affluent fan bases on the Long Island. There are many different levels of sponsorship for your marketing budget. Getting recognition on our website, in the Media Guide, game day promotions, in-game mentions, and videocast commercials; these are all opportunities to show your support for Long Island’s best college hockey program.

Make a personal Tax-Deductable Donation

If you would like to make a personal donation via credit card, click here. Stony Brook Foundation is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization which means you can claim the maximum deduction on your taxes.

In-Game Advertising

With an average of 300 fans attending Seawolves home games, having a table at a Seawolves home games will put your product or service in the hands of consumers with disposable income. During the games, your business gets mentioned as a proud sponsor of the team, and our Media Guide puts your advertisement directly into the hands of the fans.  In-game promos provide your company or organizations with an excellent opportunity to place your product or service in the minds of fans.  By creating an entertaining and informative hockey feature, in-game promos also generate a positive relationship between your company and the best college hockey program on Long Island. 

Seawolves Website

The Stony Brook Seawolves official website offers various avenues that provide your business with an extended amount of exposure. Fans may access stonybrookhockey.com from any search engine and from Newspaper advertisements, radio ads and station websites and earned media reports. Those options, in addition to the popularity of the team and how interactive the site is, attributes to the reason why stonybrookhockey.com receives on average 8,000 hits per month and 3,000 unique visitors per month. 

Print Media

Driving fans to the home games require Newspaper advertisements, and fans know who got us in their favorite newspaper. Your support of Stony Brook Seawolves Ice Hockey will be known by having your logo placed on select newspaper advertisements during the season. 

Stony Brook Hockey News & Seawolves Hockey LIVE

Over 4,200 fans watched our Seawolves for FREE online all during the inaugural 2009-2010 Season. Loyal fans not only got to see fast exciting college hockey, but commercials and on-air plugs during the videocast. The official email of Seawolves Hockey, The Stony Brook Hockey News, has thousands of readers who get the opportunity to click on your logo that goes directly to your website. 

Perks Make A Difference

Sponsors will receive season passes to all home games during the season, as well as access to the locker room at the end of the games to meet your favorite Seawolves player. In addition to VIP treatment at the home games, your company or organization will receive Seawolves Hockey Fan Gear, autographed memorabilia plus much more.  Your support will never go un-thanked, and you will personally feel like a member of the team.

Sponsorship is easy, and we encourage you to submit your information to us below to answer any questions you may have. A marketing specialist will contact you and get you started. The growth of college hockey on Long Island is fast and exciting, so join us in the excitement, and make your support known to the thousands of college hockey fans on Long Island.


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